Over time we have dropped releases featuring some of your favourite cartoon characters from Pinky and the Brain, Scrooge Mcduck and The Rugrats. Now it is time to give another favourite the Zerofux treatment. 

We are stoked to introduce the "Ed, Edd and Eddy-Blazer" hoodie. We have taken the 3 main characters from the popular cartoon and given them a a few tweaks now we are all a little older. 

As always the hoodie is premium quality with 100% cotton with fleece inside. Features metal eyelets and chrome chord tips.

These hoodies are a regular box fit and are super comfortable. We know its summer but we have been bombarded with people asking us to hurry up and drop this since we teased it a few months ago so we can’t have you waiting any longer. 

The drop is thursday 20/01/22 at 7PM NZT. As always if you are a member then you can shop 60 minutes early at 6PM and will recieve free shipping this drop! 




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Happy shopping!