“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” – Elon Musk 

Why is this quote relevant to Zerofux? Because we are bringing most of our clothing supply back to Aotearoa! (Spelt it right)

 In Feb 2021 we moved to getting our clothing made overseas mostly in china for a few reasons, We wanted higher quality at a better cost so we did not have to increase our prices to our customers.


As 2022 hit we started seeing some major changes in overseas supply chains.

  • Shipping costs are through the roof! What would cost us $350usd to ship a couple boxes of clothes to NZ is now double that and sometimes more.


  • As times got tougher for overseas suppliers such as COVID re-emerging or other factors in there part of the world we started to see not only prices increase but quality decrease and the inconsistency of products arriving has made it increasingly frustrating.


So with these hurdles in mind we are bringing as much of our clothing manufacturing back to NZ! The reasons this move makes sense are…


  • Better quality and consistent product. When you know what size you wear in our clothing that’s the size you will get every single time. We will also guarantee our prints last at least 75 washes!


  • We can move faster! We can bring out new products much faster and not have to rely on overseas timelines which are 2-3 months to get something made. We will also have bigger drops. We will drop at least 6 items at once in the first NZ supplied drop in a couple weeks.


  •  Sustainable sourcing. Our new garment supplier is a part of the “Better cotton initiative” and also in its code of conduct is strongly against child labour.


  • We will have more varied products in colours and types and in the future will introduce woman’s items.


We will still be getting our headwear and any items that need more customising than usual overseas but are stoked to be able to bring back some control in the production process by having as much supplied in Aotearoa as possible!


First NZ supplied drop is in 2 weeks! Thursday 14 April.