Saturday morning collection - New drop rundown!

Saturday morning collection - New drop rundown!

Like most of you I have fond memories of getting up early Saurday mornings or rushing home after school to watch my favorite cartoons. Life was so much simpler then...All we had to worry about was what fun shit were we going to do on the weekends, what toy we wanted next and when our favorite show was on. Uhhh the good old days. 

Well to remember those days in the only way we know how, this thursday 5th April at 7PM NZT we are releasing the new "Saturday morning" collection! and as always the artwork has the Zerofux twist on it.

Featuring the following Thugrats, Thugs bunny, Super high Mario and of course Teenage mutant stoner turtles. Thus drop will have 2 crew neck sweatshirts, 3 hoodies and 5 tees! 

You may even know we ran the "Thugrats design in march 2020 and it went bananas so i expect these to fly again! 

We have gone with a mix of colorways to try keep everyone happy so sure theres something for everyone! 

See you Thursday!