Zerofux - 6 years in the making and just getting started (part 1 of 3)

Zerofux - 6 years in the making and just getting started (part 1 of 3)

So to start off the first blog post I thought what better way then to take you through the start of the brand. The ups and downs and thought processes behind it. 

So over the years I have always had a feeling I was destined for more than the usual 9-5 or settling for the mundane…you know that nagging voice that is pushing you a certain way or to do a certain thing? Growing up I always gravitated towards streetwear and brands and what made them tick, I wouldn’t say I was super obsessed by any means but I was intrigued at times about branding and the impact the right or wrong type has on the world. I was and am fascinated with how brands become cult icons, for example brands of years past such as Stussy, Freshive, Fucking awesome or Ecko or the newer brands such as Supreme, Off white or Kith.

 I have never been interested so much in brands that were started by celebrities or influencers because..well I am not one and I could never and still can’t relate. To me they have an advantage as they have a following and an audience already, I am fascinated with the brands that started from nothing and had to really hustle to turn their first 5 t shirts in to more product and keep going and going until they “made it”. I like the stories such as the owner of “Rebel eight” known as Josh d who literally started in his tiny apartment and walked to every skate shop he could trying to get them to take his brand….he did it for the love of his brand and the grind and the self-expression of his craft. As the barrier to entry in to starting an online business is so low now with the internet you have a lot of people trying to start brands to be “Cool” with their friends or they think it’s cool to say “I own a brand” but that’s not what attracted me. In fact I hate telling anyone I run a clothing brand because of these types of people.

So after that long winded introduction how did Zerofux start. When I was in my early 20s I had the "bright" idea decided to start a clothing brand and thought if I put words and a picture on shirts they will sell…..Trust me nothing works like that unless your Kanye who could fart on a blank tee a sell it for $500. This one was called On parole clothing. I got a few shitty designs straight from the internet and had them printed on to shirts with $1000 I got from course related costs they give you when you start a course that was meant to be spent on course supplies. Guess what though……Didn’t sell 1 shirt.didnt even have a website. Then I had a relationship breakdown and that was the end of that.

Move on to 2016 and the bug to create something was back again, and again clothing was it. I had matured, grown, learnt a lot and was in a supportive relationship with my now wife who supports my dreams which I’m telling you to start something like a business or brand you must have this in your corner! but in saying that be selective who you tell your dreams to! Even people who love you will tell you your ideas stupid either due to jealousy or there worried for you. Anyway back to 2016…So I decided to start a brand again and again i started with the name….Wanted something edgy but not cheesy, I remember I saw Jimmy Jackson had a brand called CVNT which needs no explaining. I liked the play on the derogatory term and when you looked at the word it made you look twice. This was my inspiration, I went back and forth on ideas, words, fonts etc and eventually landed on Zerofux, there was no big lightbulb moment or epiphany it just came kind of organically.

The next dilemma was…..Logo. now you know when it comes to logos I had little experience, I had very basic skills with photoshop after spending times making sales signs for Harvey Norman where I worked at the time. I scoured through fonts for ages and ages and was flipping things, inverting things warping things and they all looked like a person with no fingers created it. Over time I found a really dope font that was edgy, looked tough and the z and the f went perfectly together and really that was it! Again not glamorous or fancy just trial and error! I didn’t overthink it!. lucky for me My best mate jarred which is a legitimate graphic designer made the script logo for me so the 2 logos were born! (for the day ones out there he also created  the trump design and the bugs bunny design)

 Stay tuned for part 2 where I discuss selling nothing!