Zerofux - 6 years in the making and just getting started (part 3 of 3)

Zerofux - 6 years in the making and just getting started (part 3 of 3)

So In part 1 and 2 I covered the brands creation and how I tried to build a following, Next up I decided I needed to create more colorful and graphic based clothing but I still didn’t want to buy bulk yet as I didn’t believe in myself or the brand enough deep down to sell it all and not be stuck with it, so I had this bright idea to buy a DTG (direct to garment) printer which cost me about $8,000 all up! this is basically a large printer but instead of printing on paper it prints on garments and prints any color etc.  I went and got a loan and in full transparency I am still paying this fucking loan off today! 

So, the printer turned up from china after about 3 months and I spent hours and hours which turned in to days trying to work this thing and I mean I think I could  have performed  brain surgery blind folded before working this machine! It was a nightmare,  I would get pissed off and say “Fuck this! I’m not doing the brand anymore, bullsit fucking shit” and really throw my toys out of the cot which my poor wife had to listen too. But again, perseverance paid off I got it going and started learning the machine, The machine was still a hunk of shit and I barely got it going enough to really pump out any decent clothing and after a while even when it was going great it took so long just to do a few orders I felt bad I wasn’t with my wife and kids and I was downstairs miserable.


I decided to sell the printer! I felt like a bit of a failure for making the wrong decision but it felt right and the time and effort was taking away the enjoyment of the whole brand so I said by falecia the printer! Another lesson learnt! and an expensive one! 

So now where? Give up? Fuck that! I knew now was the time i had to take a chance to get clothing made overseas and just trust the hard work i had done over the last 5 years and trust the process! I learnt a concept from Isaac John former Warrior and kiwi league player who now runs a brand in sydney called YKTR which is called life momentum which in short means you need to tak those "scary" steps foward to become succesful for example his example was his brand was run out of his small apartment and his mentor told him he needed to get an office outside the house and this move starts to create momentum so me taking the risk to go overseas and buying bulk is creating life momentum, 

I had the printer money about $6000 and instead of paying the loan back I used this to buy the first lot of custom made clothing! Now this really was a step that while nerve racking it felt more like a clothing business should be, buy it in cheaper sell out for more! no printing, no peeling vinyl just packing and shipping. So to improve the brands appearance I got custom packaging, thank you cards and to make the shopping experience something you would do again and the amount of people who appreciate this touch is amazing. 

So where are we today? Well I feel like the first 4 years we were figuring the game out, making mistakes, learning from mistakes and trying things out to see what works but as of now? I am nowhere where i want to be but the brands  in the position of  producing high quality product and I pride myself on the customr service not to mention Zerofux has an amazing loyal fan base who really fucks with us! Some items all sell out within days of dropping and we are only getting better and growing more! So what do i want for Zerofux? Well I  am not looking for world domination by any means but my next goal is to stop working my day job and run ZF full time and really take it to the next level! might be 1 or 5 years but the grind continues.

Theres heaps more i could write and talk about but im sick of writing and you are probably sick of reading so thanks for sticking with the journey and look foward to seeing whats ahead! What we have in production for sumer 21 is 🔥 I promise.