Founded in 2016 by Chad N, Zerofux began with a few hundred bucks from Chads day job, and the idea to start something from almost nothing and grow it from zero to a full fledged business and eventually not have to work a 9-5 job. Coming from a skateboarding background where street fashion is a part of the lifestyle then it was a no brainer that clothing was that something! Merging skate, tattoo art and streetwear cultures together and the kiwi DIY attitude Zerofux has gone from heatpressing our own tees 1 at a time and selling a handfull of tees a month to working with some of the best manufacturers in the world and selling out many releases. While starting from humble beginnings Zerofux has been selected to attend Vancouver fashion week and Las vegas Agenda trade show but due to covid we have no yet been able to attend. We have plans to attend as soon as we are able. 
Random fact: Chad is color blind so that is why we do alot of black, white and red etc
Our very first instagram post in april 2019 before we had a website or any items 
Our first website home page put together who zero website building knowledge.
This is the very first tee we brought out. Chad took this photo at his day job. We took the notorious BIG lyric and turned it in to a shirt. We only got 15 made.
Ruckus Garvey from the NZ Hip Hop group Misfits Of Science liked a post on our twitter and we ended up connecting up and getting just 1 crew neck sweatshirt sent to him as we could only afford to get one made. He ended up wearing it in his video for "chip on my shoulder".
One of our very first orders that wasn’t to friends and family. Look at that handwriting! What the fuck were we thinking .Today we use all printed address labels and have a full back end shipping system to keep track of all the orders to make sure of a smooth experience.
We took some of the money from the first few shirts and hats and bought the cheapest vinyl cutter and heat press set we could get. The hat press was used maybe 2 times and rest was thrashed over the first few years.
Alot of people think you put some tees up on a website and people will buy your product. I promise you unless you are an influencer of some type then its much much harder than that. Days and weeks of no sales go by but eventually the persistence slowly pays off. Above is the first time the brand started popping off. Many hours were spent watching youtube videos on all things business and we still learn everything we can daily.
This was the first photo were we realised this was a dream that was starting to come true. There was a long way to go and infact probably no final destination but the fun is in the process. 
In 2018 we connected with Christchurch MC Camo mc and he has been our only full sponsored artist for this long on the Zerofux roster and continues to not just represent ZF but has become family. 
This photo is the set up waiting for our first bulk shipment from overseas to arrive. When we had grown enough we could not keep up with vinyl cutting and heatpressing all the clothes so we took a massive risk and started working with suppliers overseas and ordering in bulk. 
Now everything we do is custom cut and sew with all trim and neck tags and all the detailed touches designed from the bottom up. 
While we always planned on being direct to consumer via our website we are stocked in Stadium goods in Rotorua. 

We all have doubts, fears and insecurities. There’s always people that will doubt you and say your dreams can't be achieved. But our brand ethos is to give "zerofux" about the negativity, the haters and the doubters and making it our mission as a community to live our dreams and show the ones who said it was impossible that we can do anything.